Open in Music

Adds GUI functionality to open the current Youtube video in YouTube Music

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chrome web store
Install the Music extension in the Chrome web store.


| | |:—:| | example UI | | This extension creates additional UI below Youtube videos, making it easy to open them inside Youtube Music. |

Manual installation

| | |:—:| | extension page | | Navigate to chrome://extensions and load unpacked. |

  1. Clone this repository onto your device.
  2. Navigate to chrome://extensions/.
  3. Open the file explorer using Load unpacked and navigate to the root folder of this repository.
  4. Select this folder, and the extension should load into your list of browser extensions.

User options

| Extension card | Options page | |:—:|:—:| | extension card | options page |

The extension can be configured from chrome://extensions using the options button on the extension card. Users can select between opening Music in the current tab, redirecting the page, (default) or opening the website in a new tab.


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